bull shit

On one of our many piss pit stops

We parked next to this mother trucker

It was a long, LONG arse road train

And as I was walking along side of it

I noticed all these set of legs

Then I noticed this guy

Totally trying to stare me down

And once I felt sure he wasn’t going to kill me couldn’t get through the steel railing

I ventured closer

And he didn’t take his eyes off me for one second

And me?
I couldn’t take my eyes of these for one second

That there is some MAJOR excess baggage


After a few minutes I decided I’d taken enough photos of his knackers violated his personal space enough

So started to make a move to the dunny before I wet myself headed on my merry way

But I felt something staring at me

And it wasn’t the porn star bull this time

It was this little dude

Check out those eyes

His brother came over to check me out too

Could they BE any more adorable?


Soooo cute


But not quite cute enough to make me a vegetarian


  1. Poor fella, if his balls are that saggy at his age, imagine what they’ll be like when he’s over 60. But then I guess he’s not gonna live that long so who cares! My mother was actually named after a cow. After having 13 kids they (ran out of names) could decide what to call her and she wasn’t named for a couple of months. By then she had big brown eyes and stared a lot so they named her Elsie after their favourite cow, and that is a true story. xx

  2. If I were on the Road Trip with ya’…we’d most likely be in jail while these fellas were being rounded up…No Bull! 🙂

  3. Oh LOOK at you… there’s that little bit of bushie in you sneaking out!!! Yes, they are cute – they have COW EYES Jen. Heh.

    I think we should totally get you and your dad up here for the branding one day… I can pack you up with a whole esky full of Prairie Oysters to help cure your obsession with all things ‘testicle’ (or as Dash would say ‘tentacles’).

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