a stitch in time

One of the perks of this job is the people we meet

So many of them have now become friends


Brett & Debbie

They’ve been coming to our shows in the UK for years now

And in that time have become great mates of ours

They’re always laughing and great fun to catch up with


And they always bring us pressies


This year they outdid themselves

Great wine for mum and I

that lasted all of about 20 minutes


And Dad’s present?
A handmade picture

That Debbie made by cross stitching

It’s incredible

And it took her over 200 hours

No, that wasn’t a typo


It’s was so labour intensive ‘cause it’s so unbelievably intricate

And Dad LOVES it

It blew him away

He gets some great stuff given to him

When we’re on tour we try to travel light

So we usually box up all our gifts and send them home

And it’s always fun to get home and unpack it all


But this one’s not getting sent home

Nope, too valuable Dad’s decided

So he’s thrown out 2 tracksuits, one work shirt and all his undies

So he can fit it in his suitcase

And now ‘he’s freeballing and pretty much naked’


But he doesn’t give a shit

Because his new picture can travel everywhere with him


So Deb, you can take that as a huge compliment mate

For a job so well done


Deb’s been working on it for months

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the unsung hero in all of this

Poor old Brett

While he didn’t actually help ‘make’ it

He’s totally suffered for Deb’s art


Debbie’s been so busy and engrossed in getting her picture of Dad cross stitched

Poor Brett hasn’t been laid since July

Sorry ’bout that dude!


  1. That is absolutely AWESOME!!!! I’ve done a bit of that stuff myself and know how much work it is – well done Debbie, you’re a star.

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