Written by JENNY TALIA


I first met him last Thursday

I remember the time

7:15 we were both online

A friend suggestion from my best mate Shaz

Who I haven’t met either

But she’s really rad

So I clicked on accept

And it didn’t take long

For me to work out that he was the one

And when I saw his picture I thought OMG

Fell right into my lap (top) he was for me

O-O-O-O-On Facebook

I fell in love

On Facebook

I’ve done me nuts

We started off slow, just harmless flirting

But after a while I knew for certain

We joined the same groups

And had virtual zoos

Sent me virtual flowers

And virtual hugs too

Had 8 friends in common

How good’s that?

In a virtual world

That’s a virtual match

His virtual words spoke to me

After virtual drinks he poked me

O-O-O-O-On Facebook

I cracked a moisty

On Facebook

I’ve done me ovaries

They reckon you can’t find love online

But those that say that have never used skype

We made virtual love thru our laptop screens

He virtually held me so tenderly

And the power and the passion I’ll never forget

Thru my high speed broadband internet

He’s my soul mate my every dream

And I told him that as he wiped his screen

O-O-O-O-On Facebook

Poked ourselves silly

On Facebook

It felt so real

Then last night while harmlessly surfing the net

I came across stuff that I can’t forget

His face and his profile on other pages

Like Bebo and Twitter and even MySpace

And I nearly cried when I read his profle

As a swinger who likes making movies of fat chicks online

O-O-O-O-On Facebook

He broke me heart

On Facebook

All men are bastards

On Facebook

My relationship status says it’s complicated

On Facebook


  1. Jenny ur the funniest woman alive. Will be introducing u to all my friends by singing Facebook at a party on the 29th! Dads a huge fan of ur Dad too! Happy Christmas!

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