Written by JENNY TALIA


I am Palin, Sara Palin

And I’m campaigning so vote for me

So stop complaining and ‘belly achin

And suck it up

‘Cause I’m just me

I’m a PTA soccer mom

Ex-governor from Alsaska

Keep a gun in my truck

Mess with me I’ll fuck you up

Can’t push me round just ‘cause I’ve got tits

I don’t feel pain I’ve had 5 kids

I’m a beauty queen been on TV
Admit it, yeah you’d screw me

My foreign policy is nuke ‘em all

When God tells me it’s time for war

Iraq & Russia? I know where they are

They’re like China, like really far

I believe in happy endings

Moose burgers and shotgun weddings

But I don’t believe in those homosexuals

That shit ain’t right and God’ll get ya

‘Cause if you’re gay you can’t get married

That’s for teenagers with a baby carriage

But unwed teenagers mother’s are cool

If your hetrosexual and finish school

Don’t need a job, just stay at home

In my family that’s how it’s done

Cause there ain’t no way  it’s your right to choose

If you get knocked up you gotta follow through

Raise ‘em right take no crap

Give ‘em good names like Bristol, Piper, Willow, Trigg & Track

Got my taste for fame gonna make it last

And you haters can kiss my arse

I’m just like you but a better mother

People magazine puts me on the cover

As for David  Letterman

He lit the fuse on my tampon

Saying I’m uptight starting rumors

You seen my old man? I got a sense of humour

So don’t listen  to those democrats

That whole global warming is a bunch a crap

They’re just pissed at the uglies they got

Like Hillary & Sodomy those bitches ain’t hot

I’ll decorate the Whitehouse Alaska style

Carribou heads hunting signs

Trailer park & fishing trophies

Put a beer garden in And a roller coaster

So the next election’s – Gonna be all mine

Beat Obama – in a landslide

Us Republicans – We’re fighting back

‘Cause I don’t know if you noticed

But that Obama’s black?

I am Palin, Sarah Palin

And I’m campaigning

So vote for me

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