big day out

So we woke very excited this morning

Mum, Sam, Miss 5, Miss 3 & me were going to see the DISNEY PRINCESSES ON ICE

Oh yeah – loves it!

It should be noted that Miss 5 wasn’t feeling great yesterday. She had a headache and even took a nap. Which hasn’t happened since she was 2

She still wasn’t 100% this morning & I even called the Doctor to ask what the symptoms are for swine flu because I’m a worry wart!

They said she just sounds like she has a bug and as long as she’s drinking lots of fluids and peeing and pooping normally – all is good

Too much information? But wait – there’s MORE!

I fed her a little fruit and a glass of OJ and she was good to go

So the 5 of us jumped in a  taxi for the long ride to Sydney Olympic Park – where the show was being held

Mum & Sam were giving me shit because my already large handbag was overflowing with ‘just in case’ stuff

Snacks – just in case the girls got hungry

Water – just in case they got thirsty etc

So, we’re about 40 minutes into the drive and Miss 5 says her tummy hurt

All the parents reading this already know where this is going don’t you?


She threw up

A lot

In the taxi

And it smelt like watermelon

So I get the towel and change of clothes out of my bag (I told you it was full)

Clean her off – tell the driver to keep going – we’ll drop the other 3 girls off, then turn around and go back to the apartment

Miss 5 is bawling at this point. 

She’s embarrassed she ‘spit up’ and now she’s not going to see the Princesses

I gotta tell you that the taxi driver was awesome. 

Apart from the fact he was Australian (an English speaking taxi driver – what are the odds?) he was a total champ about the whole thing

I guess he’s seen it all in his line of work

But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been that cool about the back of my taxi being covered in red fruit flavoured vomit, had I been driving

Yay for #4611! (I didn’t get his name)

So after a pretty uneventful drive back thank god I couldn’t wait to have a shower and change out of my spew soaked clothes

I didn’t bring a change of clothes for me – I’m not THAT organised

So now, we’re on the couch, watching Thumbelina

 I’m sure we’ll here all about the Disney Princesses when  Miss 3 gets back

Miss 5 is hoping Nanna brings her back a Princess Doll

I hope she brings me  a magic wand


*no photos – left the camera with Nanna (after I cleaned the chunks of watermelon off it)

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  1. I know…I know…THAT is the best part of having teenagers! They don’t want you to go with them to shows anymore and they also don’t want you to know that they spewed…and why…

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