table manners

I have numerous pet peeves cause I’m a nutjob

One of my biggest is kids with bad manners

You know what I mean

Arsehole kids

I’m doing my best and some days failing miserably to instill at least a semblance of politeness into my girls

Some days are better than others

I was just thinking about a day last week

That I would have so earned me a FAIL from the manners police

It wasn’t really my FAIL because nothing is EVER my fault – but I am the breeder parent, so I’ll take one for the team 



So, Miss 3 was at the dinner table and she let loose a deafening fart

That smelt like an 88 year old drunk man with a serious brussel sprouts habit

Then she looks at me with her mouth full of food that she proceeds to spit it all over me as she burps and says

I know I’m supposed to say ‘scuse me when I do a stinky pop-pop

But I can’t ’cause I’ve got my mouth full

And that’s not right manners hey mum?


So yeah, I let her off on a technicality

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