robin williams


We were talking about what we would do for my birthday later this month and I saw that Robin Williams was playing here in Chicago on the 27th – which is my actual birthday

How excitement!

So we got tickets, great seats, very expensive – but I’m worth it – haha!


Now I hear today that Robin Williams is going in for heart surgery and all his March shows have been cancelled


Some people are soooo selfish


  1. C’mon…it is your ACTUAL Birthday!!! Selfish Prick! Certainly he has another few weeks of heart-start left! 🙂

  2. Men are such bastards, fancy letting a little thing like a heart attack take precedence over a fan’s birthday! Maybe you should write a song about him, then he’ll come to you – or should that be for you?? Well, whatever you want, it is your birthday.

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