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Some really great friends of mine in England just had a baby. He’s a beautiful little guy and they’re besotted with him

He ran into a little bit of trouble last week and they had to take him to the emergency room. Everything turned out just fine – but not before he was poked, prodded and pretty much put through the ringer.

Having babies is so different now isn’t it?

On my last pregnancy, I had to have an ultrasound every month, get blood tests constantly and even got to ‘pick’ the day that I’d have my guts sliced open the baby – unheard of stuff 20 years ago


Back in my parent’s day (when the earth was flat) they didn’t have any of today’s technology available to them and their parenting methods were sooo different.

If you were sick – you got a wet face cloth on your head and sent to bed

If you were naughty – they didn’t use the ‘time out’ method. It was more the ‘day out’ method. (spent in your room nursing your sore arse that just got kicked) 

I have photos of me having a beer with Dad.

I was 5


People often ask me how I got the little scar just below my left eyebrow

Until now, I always said it was from a fall from the balance beam when I was trying out for the ’96 Olympics 


When my mum was breast-feeding me as a baby, the cigarette fell out of her mouth and landed on my head.

Luckily she was able to put out the fire with her glass of bourbon.


She taught me everything I know…




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  2. Wish I had the chance to “pick the day” (mine are 16 & 18). They would have been preemies…BLOODY 8’4 and 8’14!!! They were BIG enough to drink, smoke and damage the goods!!!

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