I had a pretty average childhood

You know, it wasn’t half bad

Normal brother, normal mum

Then there was me Dad

See my Dad’s Kevin Bloody Wilson

A pretty funny bugger to

A comedian who swears a little a bit

He just talks the way us bastards do

I was 6 years old at St Mary’s

It was Dad and Daughter day

All us girls holding our Daddy’s hands

To march in the big parade

Then we’d head back to the classroom

To talk about our Daddy’s and their jobs

To tell everyone that our Daddy was the best

And we’d brag and show them off

Sally’s Dad’s a fireman

She proudly told us so

Anna loves her doctor Daddy

And wanted the world to know

My turn next I showed that lot

I was all excited and grinning

You can shove all those boring jobs up your arse

My Dad says FUCK for living!

Fuck for a living

That beats all your dad’s hands down

Some say I was raised in a mental home

But it was a fucking funny house!

Your Dad’s a doctor

Your Dad’s a lawyer

Your Dad drives a truck

Oh but mine says FUCK for a living!

Mine Says FUCK for a living

It always kept things interesting

Like having a swear jar

If we said shit we got to take a dollar out

When I was 7 I bought me first car!

Sometimes I’d get busted at school

For telling dirty jokes

The nuns would shit over what I’d said

And send a stern note home

I’d give it to me mum

And she’d shake her head and frown

Then I’d show it to me Dad

He’d tear up he got so proud

He’d say my girls a cheeky little shit

It’s a talent that’s god-given

It takes some knack to swear like that

And sat FUCK for a living


And now that I’m older I think it’s pretty clear

Why I turned out like I did

Dad calls me his retirement fund

Get out there and work it kid

So I’m giving it me best shot

And I’m loving every minute

It’s the family trait now I get paid

To say FUCK for a living

Your Dad’s a teacher

Your Dad’s a preacher

Fuck for living

A politician and electrician

Fuck for living

Your Dad’s a banker

Your Dad’s a wanker

Fuck for a living

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