It starts when they’re born

When their quarter inch horns

Can already put a smile on their face

When you’re changing his nappy

You see he’s so happy

‘Cause he’s pissing all over the place

It only gets rougher

When he’s a toddler

And you’re forever yelling “Get hour hands of IT!”

It’s a losing battle

Once he’s discovered his tackle

Cause boys think with their dicks

Boys think with their dicks

No matter what the circumstance

When faced with a choice

They just listen to the voice

That keeps coming out of their pants

Their pecker calls the shots

The cock is the boss

Cause boys think with their dicks

Then comes the teenager

With the hormones a raging

Bumpy bus rides give ‘em wood

They’ve got homework to do

So they race up to their room

They’re really in there pulling their pud

Those horny young virgins

Up there tossing and turning

Wet dreams make their sheets stick

He can’t wait to be a man

‘N’ use his girlfriend’s hand

Cause boys think with their dicks


God bless all the girlfriends

Who learn the workings

Like what to do when your fooling around

Like, don’t EVER use teeth

But if you tickle underneath

He’ll make a really weird groaning sound

If you want it over and done

Suck hard, flick your tongue

And he’s guaranteed to come extra quick

If you don’t swallow – beware

Cause it spurts EVERYWHERE

Cause boys think with their dicks


Once you’ve been married a while

And sex goes out of style

And you’re doing it less and less

Don’t be naïve he’s still stroking and squeezing

After all that’s what wankers do best

You can’t ever change him

So don’t try to tame him

Or make him choose ‘cause you know who he’d pick

The love of his life and that was never his wife

Cause boys think with their dicks


Yeah from birth it’s all over

Their jewels run the show

Cause boys think with their dicks

There’s only enough blood inside them

To work one head at a time

That’s why boys think with their dicks!!

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