beginner’s luck?

The Chicago Blizzard of 2011 started off kinda rough yesterday

The snow I could handle

But they had closed ALL THE FUCKING STARBUCKS in my area

I hyperventilated and I sulked

I was pretty sure I’d never smile again

But because I’m a trooper

And full of awesomeness-icity

We grabbed the girls & their sled discs

And headed over to the neighbours

Where they have a great little hill behind their house

The perfect place for a virgin sledder like me to lose her cherry

And Diamond, being the romantic boof-head that he is not

Offered to help break me in


It soon became obvious that ‘breaking me in’ was Diamond-speak

For thrashing my arse all the way down the hill

And giving me a lesson in how a ‘local kid’ does it

After some trash-talking on his part

“…you are going DOWN TO CHINATOWN BIATCH!”

And,”…I’ve been sledding my whole life lady…prepare to DIE!”

Nice, huh?

We were off!

And woops, I think Diamond mighta tripped on his big fucking mouth at the starting gate

In an effort to be more aerodynamic

I tried to keep my mouth shut for a change

But once Diamond started with the ‘monster-stack-arse-over-tit-tumbling’ display

I just couldn’t contain myself

Hot Damn it felt good to kick his arse

And to laugh again

So Starbucks, you are forgiven

And Diamond, you lose


*thanks to DAN for the great action shots!


  1. You’ve earned the “Skidmark In The Snow” Award! Some days are DIAMONDS, some days are (Snow)DUST! Go, Jenster! 🙂

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