buried (and rescued) alive

Yesterday Magoo and I were playing outside

There was a few inches of snow to run around in

We were both looking forward to the impending blizzard last night

Just to see how much more snow we’d actually get

And because we’re both really technomological and science-y

And totally not weird at all


We decided to conduct an experiment

Using Ariel, the Little Mermaid


We stuck her outside our front windows in all her glory


FYI – none Magoo’s dolls have clothes

We chose Ariel because she was the only doll in Magoo’s collection that still has arms and legs

Then we went back inside

To take photos of her through the window as the snow fell

She started to look pretty cold out there

Especially once the snowage started stacking up on her beehive

This was after about half an hour

This was this morning from the front window

Woops – we lost her

The view from our back window was even worse

So the girls got bundled up and headed out on their rescue mission straight after brekky

They were digging for nearly 15 minutes

Then they hit paydirt

Or red hair

Either way, they were happy

There was so much snow to get through

And Macaroni insisted that Magoo pull Ariel out gently

So she didn’t hurt her

So Magoo kindly informed her sister that Ariel was probably already dead

She’s subtle like that


They got her out

And Magoo said, “…she’s AWIVE!”

If you don’t count the fact that her nipples seem to have fallen off

She seemed OK


Happy to report she’s now dried off

Warmed up

And inside

Doing rude things with a chipmunk under a blanket


  1. Maybe you might have got more inches if you’d been stood outside nude. Don’t worry about bits falling off, there’s a spare pair on the back of your guitar.

    Stay safe Jenny,

    Dilli Gaf

  2. HOLY SNOWBLOW! Brrr…Bet Ariel wished she hadn’t given up the tail and the sea urchins…until after rescue. The next generation may have fur, buck-teeth and a furry tail.

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