take your kids to work day

It’s not what you think

I didn’t take the girls to a gig

That day is a LONG way off

But today I’m taking my work, to the girls

To the playground actually

Packed up the kids, lunch and my laptop & headed out this morning

The internet has sucked arseΒ been intermittent at best this last week

I’ve got shitloads of emails, lyrics blah blah blah to work on

So I thought I’d see if the internet connection is any better outdoors

And being the lazy, LAZY cowΒ beautiful winterΒ warm day it is

Seriously Sydney, you call this winter?

THIS is winter

You guys need to call it something different

Maybe ‘diet’ winter – like the lo-cal version

‘Cause this shit is totally the opposite of winter I’m telling you

Where was I?

Oh yeah, at the park

With Nanna & the girls

It really is the best of both worlds

I’m feeling pretty lucky right now

A working mum


With my kids

Who says saying fuck for a living is a bad thing?

Not me!

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