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  1. Will be glad to see you once again at fairfield halls Croydon on October 11th,hope this year those fuck wits at immigration let you in the country and don’t spoil it for the rest of us,also hope rest of tour goes brilliantly,as it’s KEV’S SWAN SONG to touring here I’m sure audiences will be sold out,can’t wait to see you both.

      1. Hope to see you back in the UK soon, i love to come to one of your shows, was unable last year due to illness.

  2. Hey,
    Do you have any plans in the future to come to Sydney or Queensland? Would be fucking great to see ya live!!

  3. Hey Darl
    Would love you to come down to Albany WA, we have a awesome new entertainment centre, sits 600, am damn sure you would fill it no probs!
    Reacon this town could do with laugh…

  4. Had a gr8 time when you and Kev were at Geelong (VIC) last year. When are you both coming back to do another Aussie tour so we can come watch again? Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  5. well jen i come i go i come to see you mad muverfcers let me know wha 1s a loud 2 cum 2 i like i like you mad muversay ha 2 da

  6. sorry to bother jennifer i was just saying in my last message to you im looking forward to your uk tour this year will be lovely to see your pretty little face on stage again in the uk and give your father and mother my best wishes douglas

  7. Heya jen ive bought my tickets for your show in chatham, by the way its a dump but i cant wait to see you =] your amazing

  8. helloooooooo jenifer on my journys this month wont
    tell you where ill keep you in the dark with that 1 well i thought to myself ill go buy a ticket for the kevin bloody wilson tour with jenifer T i know what your thinking DOUGIE buying tickets that will be a first well it is a first and it,ll be the fucking last am skint now so see you soon my little ozzy mucker somewhere in the uk i think

  9. Can’t wait to see you at the Hexagon in Reading again this year, we came in the past, and have been waiting for this tour since. Wishing you all the best, and see you soon!

  10. Hey Jenny this is your Lover Boy From The Chicago USA show. I wanna know are you guys gonna do another show in the USA anytime soon perferablly Chicago again and in the Spring or Summer this time. I miss you.


  11. Hi Jenny

    I can’t beleive your not coming to cheltenham town hall
    🙁 i would of loved to of seen you and dad again as I’ve had some bad news 🙁

      1. yeah me too…Hope to catch up with you on here to see how you and the family are doing 🙂 always nice to catch up..

  12. Greetings all from good ole “EnZed”. I missed the last time you were in this part of the world and want you to get yourself back over here for another small town North Island Tour.

  13. hi jenny. just wanted to know if you and kev are coming back next year for new zealand tour saw you,s last year here and the show was awsome thanks chris 🙂

  14. I love you jenny, you have resonated with me ! I’m so disappointed i missed you in dorking the other night, I live in horsham, west sussex, and I dearly hope you will be performing here soon, in fact I want to be your new bff, or even stalker!! Not been a stalker before, perhaps you could show me your ropes lol? check me out on youtube I do stand up and raps!

  15. hi jenny …. i was wondering if and when you and kev will be coming back to Australia to tour? as you and ya dad make me smile and laugh uncontrollably with your GREAT taste in funniness … i just finished watching your f*$k it up fridays … they are a hoot … hope to see you both back here is aussie land … cheers to you and ya dad.


  16. hey jenny
    Just wondering when you’ll be back at the hexagon,reading uk? enjoyed the cop-u-later tour and really want to see you again was such a good laugh.

  17. over 20 years since I last saw your dad. Couldn’t make Weston-super-Mare so went to Plymouth instead. Fantastic.
    Can’t wait to see a whole show of yours. Roll on your next tour.

  18. Came to see you last night (told you I thought you were a genius!) my cheeks are killing me from laughing so much! Will you be doing a solo tour next year? X

  19. Saw your show last night (Blackpool) enjoyed your song 50 shades. pity I am only 21 with 43 years experiance which if you can remember that poor grey haired old man with crutches would in your case gladly loose the 43 years. Brilliant show keep it up.
    love yoou XXX

  20. I ve seen you 3 or 4 times now with your dad.
    I love to come along and do some natual on stage photos etc of you guys and the crowd.
    ALL FREE OF COURSE no charge
    I will be attending the Corn Exchange in Kings Lynn when you come back and would love to be able to do photos KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK al the best to you and family

  21. Hey,

    Just wondered when you will be back in scotland. Had a few people telling me how good you are, so wanted to come see for myself xx nicola

  22. Hey jenny i loved ur southend show was the bollocks ive paid for most of ur songs from the show ur dad was alsome aswell hope yo have u bk in uk again soon xxxx

  23. hiya,are you touring the uk in 2013 please? xx we saw you for the 1st time in bristol with your dad this year,my boyfriend got me your cd(signed,thankyou) xxxx

  24. hey jen seen u and ya old man down Berridale tazzie fuckin awesome night x just moved 2 qld keep me posted if ya gunna do any tours round here luv 2 catch another show plzzz

  25. Love u guys so bloody much. I’ve had a pretty rough 12 months with depression I attempted suicide more times then I wish to remember. And with everytime I was down I’d put on one of ur albums I have them all accept one I think. Plus ur DVD and this wld lighten my day. I’m a massive fan Jen as u wld prob know already. Hope u come back to Gippsland soon I’ll have tow yellow tail wine abducted chocolates waiting for u x cheers Kat Drouggas xoxox

  26. hiya jenny fair play u defo no who ur dad is please say ur be coming bk to bristol this yr if so will ur dad be coming to as a back up

  27. Hey Jenny,
    Saw you in Bristol (UK) last ear supporting your Dad. such a shame he won’t be returning to the UK but so glad we found you…can’t wait for you to come back!

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