help me make my setlist for the UK tour!

OK, it’s getting close to GO TIME and I am SO excited to be heading back out on tour! 
maybe the world really IS starting to get back to normal!

Between digging out my stripper heels and soaking my hair in bleach, I figured I save some time and get YOU GUYS to help me with my setlist

Click on the one song below that YOU REALLY WANT to hear – or, if your fave’s not there, write it in the ‘other’ box 
I mean there’s every chance I’ll do whatever I want anyway I may play YOUR favourite song on the night!

If you haven’t, make sure you grab your tickets to the KEVIN BLOODY WILSON FUPC TOUR UK today!!

Also, I’ll be doing ONE MORE #livestreamingfromquarantining before I get back to work
CLICK HERE to join in the fun next week, 15th October  

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  1. I’ve voted F.o.c.u.s, But I’ve got a whole playlist on spotify and would love to hear fuck for a living, Menopause, Translender and F.i.s.h.m.o, This last couple of months have been rough and F.i.s.h.m.o got me back up and running again! So thank you! I cannot believe I finally get to see your dad live, My nan and grandad got me listening to him when I was young and it’s amazing I finally get to see him live! And you are just as good as your dad and glad you carried on in your dads footsteps! I’m coming to your show at the marina theatre in lowestoft on the 26th of this month and I’d love to get a picture with you guys after the show! Oh and I forgot pass the bong! How could I forget!

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