going live 23rd April

I asked, you answered…. so here we go!!

#livestreamingfromquaranting is back!

I’m excited to be able to play for you guys again. It’s weird to not be out touring BUT I’m stoked to still be able to hang out and connect with you all, albeit in a different way

SSOOOOO many requests to get through on this show as well as a couple fo new tunes and a brand spanking new Fuck It Up Friday for you! Let’s gooooo!!!

Don’t forget, all the livestreams will be ticketed events now, so you have to RSVP to be able to watch the show

And if the time/day doesnt work for you and your schedule, or timezone, NO WUCKING FURRIES!
Once you have a ticket, you can watch the show WHENEVER YOU LIKE! 

How good’s that?!?

Can’t wait to see you all soon!


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