my bin’s everywhere

More often than not, Australian’s try to find the humour in ALL situations

Case in point, a HILARIOUS Facebook group called BIN ISOLATION OUTING
It started as a joke that, duding this time, our ‘BINS GO OUT MORE THAN WE DO’

And then it just grew and grew. (it now has well over a million members)

People from all over the world are uploading videos and pics of themselves getting dressed up to the nines, or in some crazy fancy dress outfit (I can’t believe how many people are stocked with SO MANY costumes in their house 🤣)  just to take their bins out each week. Coz face it, where else are we going? 
It’s such a feel good site and I love the spirit of the page – my faves are pics/vids of elderly people who are quarantining and not getting to celebrate milestones or birthdays. THOUSANDS of people leave the NICEST comments and it’s just a really feel-good thing. 
And you know my motto during this…. #keepthehappyhappening
This page does exactly that

Here’s a vid I made for the page…

I guess it could also count as a #fuckitupfriday too.  
#fuckyeah 💪


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