1. Hi Jenny , when are you coming back to WA? Absolutely LOVE your new song about the parasite pollies. AND that you filmed your video at Parliament House Canberra!! haha AWESOME!!I want to use it in my street preaching against all the evil out there haha but there’s so much swearing haha but how else can you describe these parasite pollies!???!!$%$%#!@ Also Jesus Christ yes he’s the only one who can save us outa this mess. Its a deliberate agenda anyway by the Jesuit/Papacy?Illuminati. They’re all yes men. But yes CALL EM OUT for the way they are DESTROYING AUSTRALIA! God is gonna destroy them all with fire when Jesus comes back so the Bible says. Looking forward to that day. Meanwhile lets call evil for what it is and RESIST it! From a fellow singer guitarist, political preacher street preacher gal!

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