australia day in chicago

What’s this little (I’m writing this so I can TOTALLY call myself LITTLE!) Aussie doing for Australia Day next week?

Spreading ALL the Aussie Culture and Class to the lovely spunks of CHICAGO!!

I mean, what could go wrong? (insert laughing emoji face here)

I’ve played Chicago many times, and love that while there’s always a few Aussie’s in the crowd, it is predominantly Americans sitting in the audience. 

Why yes, ALL Australian girls are like me!
Of COURSE, I come from a completely normal family!
Used to be Steve Irwin’s stunt double? Yep!
EVERYONE rides a kangaroo to school!
My house even had electricity!

As much as I fuck with them, they are some of the best audiences I play to
They laugh loud and often, and are super enthusiastic about their JENNY TALIA!

In Chicago?
You can grab a ticket HERE!

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