happy new year to yas!

Workwise, I started this year with a sold out show in Chicagochicagojan2014


And my final show for the year was another, even bigger Chicago showchicagodec2

In between has been a blur of shows all over
The highlights for me being Tasmania & New Zealand
Two of my favourite places to visit and playchicagodec1
Personally, I was lucky enough to get to see everyone I love, all over the world, at least one time this year
I was so fortunate to get to spend time with my Nanna before she passed
She lived a long and fabulous life, and left this world knowing how much she meant to us
Nanna was awesome, and man, was she was loved
You can’t ask for more than that in lifechicagodec3
I had so many friends have a not so great year
I know a lot of you had struggles and battles you had to face
And guess what…you made it!

Because here we all are
We’re here to kiss 2014 goodbye, and welcome the New Year with open arms
And a wine.chicagodecember4
I want to thank all of you who’ve come along to a show, or bought an album
Or followed me through social media
Each and every one of you, allows me, to continue to do what I love
And I truly understand that without your support, I’m screwed

So thank you for helping me have another brilliant year
I wish the same for you in the coming New Year
Let’s make 2015 our bitch
Let’s love, laugh and live hard

And nap when we can

Happy New Year you guys
Sending big love your way…chicagodecember5


Luv ya guts

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  1. You made a crappy year better when I got to see you in Freo, lots of things have changed since then and my American divorce was finalized.. I lost weight, and am at my happiest in years, telling people to F.O.C.U.S has been great..
    Hopefully I get to see you again this year here in Perth..

    Thank you for the laughs and being kind.

    Happy New years to you and your family..

    1. Thank you Deb, and So glad to hear how well you’re doing. I’m thinking 2015 is going to be amazing for you…can’t wait to hear all about it!! 🙂

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