freo and collie

It’s nearly lunchtime and I’m still in my PJs
It’s been a huge couple of days
It’s also Sunday and raining outside
PJs hot chocolate and the Hallmark channel for the win.

Friday night in Freo, was a brilliant night at such a cool venue
Got to (really really crazy quickly) catch up with my cousins, some old matesfreo2
And squeeze in a show
Thanks to Tam as always, for the really great pics freo2014

Saturday we headed to Collie
The rain was torrential the whole way there
And it was really tempting to keep my ugg boots on for the show

But it didn’t take long to warm up with this crowd
Such a funny, funny night
Mad bastards is an understatement 
collieNext stop, Queensland
For a road/plane trip adventure with Mum & the girls
Where we’re headed to, has no wifi or cell phone service

Not hyperventilating AT ALL.

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  1. It was awesome seeing you again… thanks for the laughs I needed it badly.. remember you can use the crazy story I told ya lol July 10th is when it’s happening:)

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