snow business

Snow day!
Actually, it’s more like a power outrage day
We had a wee snow storm last night that left Macaroni’s school in a black out
So they cancelled school for the day
Trying to send Magoo to her school (that doesn’t have a power outrage) when Macaroni had the day off?
My will is not that strong
So both kids are home
And there’s snow ev-ah-ree-where


As I stumbled downstairs this morning to make lunches, the phone was ringing
It was the call about Macaroni’s school being closed
It took me a millisecond to decide that Magoo could stay home too
And the happy dancing began
Me, because bonus time in my PJs is never a bad thing
And the girls because no school = friends coming over = THE BEST DAY EVAAAHHHH MUM!!!

We’re all currently in my office and Ipadded, Imacced, or Iphoned up
Steve Jobs would be proud
(I’ll post a pic of my office one day when it’s not so messy….so probably never)

IMG_1493   IMG_1504  IMG_1495

I had to remind Magoo to use her foot spray before she entered
Before her, I thought the only people who had feet that smelt like curdled goat’s cheese were me and my Dad
Turns out you can pass down cool traits like that to your eight year old
So, part of my morning ritual of telling her to ‘brush your teeth’ and ‘eat your breakfast’ now includes …‘spray yo feet child!’

Quite like sitting around the dinner table with your kids at night
Sitting around my desk is often the place where we have serious family discussions
The kind that just happen organically.
Ha, I just used the wanky term ‘organically’. I hate myself right now
If you have kids, you know how it is when you ask them anything
How was your day?
Much homework?
Was your lunch OK?
At least that’s how it feels sometimes around here

So actual conversations with humans I birthed is always welcome

This morning’s…

Macaroni: What’s a douche?
Me: An idiot
Macaroni: Can I call someone that or is it a really bad word?
Me: Best to use that one under your breath, just in case
Magoo: I like it. Douche, douche….. DOUCHE!

Then Diamond walked in
Why are you yelling douche?

Me: Because the girls wanted to know what it meant
Diamond: What did you tell them?
Me: That it meant idiot
Diamond: What about the other definition?
Me: Huh?
Diamond: The flushing thing?

I gave Diamond the look
The one that says, really? REALLY?? You want to have a conversation about vajay-jay cleaning with your girls right now because that’s what you’ve just started buddy
It should be noted that he also wouldn’t let (a very pregnant) me get away with telling a then 2 year old Macaroni that her sister was going to come out of my belly button. I had to tell her the truth. She cried and ran around holding her crotch for the rest of the day.
Sometimes excluding all the facts is good
And it’s not the same as lying
It’s called parenting.

Macaroni: What’s the douche that’s a flushing thing Dad?
Diamond: (suddenly all uncomfortable and without the ability to make eye contact) It’s a toilet kinda thing that mainly ladies use to wash their…ahh…private parts
Macaroni: Why?
Diamond: Because they want to
Macaroni: WHY?
Diamond: Like for hygiene I guess, so it doesn’t smell



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  1. G’day Hot Lip’s…Can u an grand pa tour Merimbula NSW Please Please..We all need a good lol.. The Mrs an I love your music an would love to catch your show.. I’ll love u long time should you Even shout u a Bundy..Cheers

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