halloween 2013

We carved our pumpkins last night

Yes, the night BEFORE Halloween

We are THAT organised

That shit takes forever


Trying to carve out eyes with a blunt knife because Mum won’t let you use her really sharp knives because amputation, stabbing, hospital…. no thanks.

My lazy, but ingenious self, decided to rifle through Diamond’s tool box when he wasn’t looking

And before you can say “I can’t believe you let your children use power tools”……



Why do it any other way?

See, I just look like a bimbo Smurfette

Pretending to be stupid is actually HARD you guys


Especially while driving and taking selfies at the same time


  1. Why don’t you just buy the pumpkin masters carving kits at walmart or any store there.. they are awesome for doing pumpkins. wish I had taken my ones with me back here.. and some of the stencils..

    Love the smurfette look 😀

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