like minded nutters

I just came off stage at Booval
And dude
That’s the place where we filmed the ‘WAIT’ film clip (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT)
Back then, I remember thinking we couldn’t have chosen a better place to film
A deafeningly mental crowd
Let me tell you, I think they’ve gotten LOUDER in the last 2 years
The foldback speakers (the ones facing me so I can hear my vocals and guitar) were cranked to the max, and I still had trouble hearing over the top
Which really, wasn’t a drama
‘Cause hearing them sing all the words to my songs beats listening to me sing it
They went off like a frog in a sock
A frog with A.D.D.
And beer.

Add that to the last few days
And I’m a happy little vegemite
THIS, is what touring is all about

From catching up with mates all over the country
(for the first annual Jenny Talia ewok convention?)

To meeting people after the show
(Hi Leighanne!)

Some of whom line up forever, just to get a signature or a photo
Some of them….don’t quite make it
This poor bastard pulled up a chair and waited
And waited…
Until he just couldn’t wait any more
We were joking that we hoped he wasn’t dead
‘Cause then we’d feel so bad and confirm our first class ticket to hell. But you guys’ll all be there…so I shouldn’t really worry about it
And look like total arseholesphoto-22
And we’d HATE to look like arsholes


  1. Hi Jen,yet again another fabby show and the crowd was awesome,
    Come on here to see any posts from last night and you have gave me a mention on YOUR blog,and a pic,thanks heaps made my day.enjoy the rest oh the tour and can’t wait for nxt tour xx

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