conversations at the racetrack

Diamond got the chance to drive a race car
Being a boy ‘n all that
He was MOST excited to get the chance to drive said race car
Sometimes Santa DOES pick the winner gift
Macaroni would have loved to have a turn too
over my limp lifeless dead body
Magoo wasn’t so sure

What if he crashes?

He drove like a mofo for 28 laps – he got up to 160 miles/ 257 km per hour
He was supposed to do just 18 laps, but their car dash camera didn’t work, and he didn’t want a t-shirt of the experience, he wanted the video.
So they GAVE him another 10 laps, and re-recorded that.
We have now watched that video forty-hundred times. Yeh.

The whole time he was whizzing around the track, Magoo kept saying, I don’t want to be an orphan. Orphan’s have to share a room with hundreds of other orphans and wear really ugly dresses
I’m like, you can only be an orphan if BOTH your parents are deadIMG_2146

And she’s like, well I still hope he doesn’t crash
I don’t want to be a black widow either

What the…??


  1. Why waste so much money on that? All you had to do was have him get into a 18 year old’s car on any highway. That’s just like being in a race car. You still get just as scared anyway!

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