1. So cute…. Yet the look on her face says “Go on…. turn your back on me…. I dare you!”

    I’m just waiting for the photo of her with half of a sparkly Fuck me boot poking out of her mouth……

  2. My dog was the same when he was a puppy he would chew everything in site he even chewed my slippers i don’t know why anyone would want to go near them he must have felt very brave lol, the chewing shouldn’t last to long i hope you all have a lovely Christmas

  3. aww she looks so innocent lol mines torn all the wall paper and pulled up carpets still takes daft turns yet and he’s 4 yrs old now xx

  4. Jen she is so cute:We have a 3 yr old Jack an she is a right lil shit i could brain her the things she gets up to this includes stealng tubs of nesqik,slippers and chocolate,Our westie on the other hand has always been good and has never stole or chewed anything up xx Hope You All Had A Fab Christmas and Happy New Year xx

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