classy crackers

I’m totally cheating with Christmas crafts this year
Some people bake. I’m lucky Β enough to have some mates that do, then drive around delivering the cookies they made, to non-bakers like me.
Then I do my bit by eating them
It’s a team effort.
I do like crafts though
The girls and I try a different one every year
This year I cheated like a mofo and grabbed some ‘pre-made’ craft kits
And by pre-made, I mean it’s the slacker’s way to be Martha Stewart.
I must have fore-seen my pre-Christmas disorganisation when I bought them

It’s still fun to do
These ones didn’t turn out too realistic though

Um. hello? I have my legs crossed

We have crackers on our table every year for Christmas.
This year, I grabbed these great ‘make your own’ kits fromΒ Marks & SpencerΒ when I was in the UK
You add your own gifts to each one
Then label it to who you think should have that particular gift
Awesome, no?

Bet my mother-in-law LURVES her new teeth.


  1. I made my own crackers once, took me three days to make them and 3 seconds for them to be ripped apart ……. never again!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, love and hugs to you and all the family xxxxx

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