hit pic, december 18, twenty twelve

So, how’s the lead up to Christmas going for you guys?
Oh you know
Getting there….if you count not being half done, there’s only 7 more sleeps, I keep forgetting where the fuck I put Stampy & Stella except for the times that I didn’t move them at all. That shit happens when your days are one big blurry hangover
All this Christmas cheer is destroying my liver. I’ll take a new one if you’re reading this Santa
Today I am helping with the games at Magoo’s class Christmas party.
I was all, let’s do PIN THE TAIL ON RUDOLPH!
I’ll just go online and buy it.
Except my priorities this week have been more about not wearing the same outfit twice out with the girls, so the whole TAIL on the REINDEER thingy got FOR-GOT.
Until this morning
Cue – me cracking out the craft bin and drawing the motherfucker myself
Note, I didn’t mean to give him thunder thighs, and his bum wasn’t always blue
My original drawing had a red bullseye where his tail should be
Then I thought about having to explain to a room full of 7 year olds (OK, probably just Magoo) why his bum was red
*insert horny Prancer joke here
There is no way I am fessing up to drawing this child-like piece of art
I’m going to give Diamond the credit

Just a little reminder that my forté is, and always will be, fart jokes.


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