crumpets and carpet for the win

I was already having the best day ever, when I was sent to the carpet store
Like, Diamond totally dropped the ball on that
Because before he had time to realise that the little blonde bull was well and truly out of the gate
I’d picked thickest, purple SHAG carpet I could find.
I’d like to think it’s exactly what Marcia Brady had in HER bedroom.
Except ours is going in our LIVING ROOM.
Which is obviously WAY better.

So yeah, paid for, and booked to be installed, ALL before Diamond knew what hit him.
Tee fucking hee, right tharr.

Then I found these
Making today a champion fucking Thursday

Any Australians living in the U.S. would totally understand my *ecstatic-asm over this

*new word….think ECSTATIC meets ORGASM. 


  1. I bet he will never ask you too buy a carpet again lol, by the way Strawberry jam goes very well with crumpets it’s a favourite in this household

  2. Yeah butter & honey so when you eat it runs down your chin & drips down your cleavage then just get someone to lick it off 🙂

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