what a corker cork!

Stick a fork in us
We are done!
I should probably say, stick a CORK in us, as our show there….the FINAL show of the WHOLE TOUR was in the fabulous city of CORK, here in Ireland

At the beautiful Cork Opera House
The venue for operas, all sorts of fancy schmancy shows
And us
Even the backstage mirror is all ornate-y

No, this doesn’t mean 4 = 1 = 5
It’s 4, 1
Not the 411
It’s 41
Forty One
As in, show number forty one!

And what a pearler is was
A room full of people that laughed loud and often
A crowd that gave us WAY more than we gave them Including the Blues Brothers
The fuck?
Is that like a hint for me to get my arse back home to Chicago?

This is here is the face of two happy kids
A bit tired
But so happy

And as a sure-fire sign that the tour is indeed over
My gig clothes have been binned
And before you say anything about the starving kids in Africa that I should have donated my tranny wardrobe to
I have been wearing this stuff forever. Like, EVERY night on this tour
It’s worn out. There’s holes in it
The bling has all fallen off
And it smells suspiciously like farts and donuts

It’s all probably still in the bin backstage if you REALLY want it
Don’t panic too much though. I kept the shoes
What do you think I am, a monster??

Hey Cork, big sloppy kisses and cuddles to all of you
Thank you!





  1. That was some tour.. hopefully you make it back in time here to Chicago for thanksgiving.. I am sure Diamond, Macaroni and Magoo will be happy to see you.. as well as the fluffinator.. Have a happy Thanksgiving..xoxo

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