Hello Stevenage!
It’s been a while…we missed you.
We missed the big ol’ auditorium we play in here
And how when it fills up, it feels like a rock concert
All stadium-y ‘n shit

Rock out with your cock out!
Or, in my case, if you don’t have a penis one…… maybe with just your red lippy and guitar on?

I’d finished my set and signing
And was backstage cracking open a bottle of red taking off my FMFM shoes
When Mum sent me this text

I thought, well, I’m not surprised, they’ve always been crazy about Dad in this part of the world
And then I thought, hmmm….must be nearly time to go home if Mum is starting to say ‘fuck’.
Thank you Stevenage.
For a wild show
And giving Dad the goodbye he deserves

Me…you can’t get rid of so easily.

See you next year! x


  1. Fantastic night in my home town stevenage last night Thanks Kev gunna miss ya good luck and health for the future and thank you Jenny looking forword to seeing you next year

  2. Had a fantastic night last in Stevenage.
    Especially loved the 50 Shades song..
    You were so funny and your dad as always is a Fuckin Legend..
    P.S….. I felt a bit sorry for Slinky
    Thanks again for a great night. xx

  3. Was in stevenage last night and what a great night. Haven’t laughed so much in years, thanks cunts 🙂 hope 2 cya next year jenny and I hope kevin has a good rest the old bastard 😉 x

  4. Awesome night at stevenage! Poor slinky :’) haha. Jenny, i hope to see you next year, we can see the funny bone was past on down the family. We ll miss ya kev. But obviously giving up the spotlight for his daughter to shine ;).
    Cracking show!!! You f***ing legends 😀

  5. Supurb show at Stevenage on Sunday. It was better than St Albans, (because you both remembered the lines to all you songs). Slinky must be a bit slow if he`s been before and still sat in the front row?
    Anyhow Kev, and Betty have a nice semi retirement, you never know I might win the fucking lottery, then I will be able to come to Australia, for you next tour! If not it will have to be just you Jen, & the Third Generation. Love you

      1. You certainly will Jen, I’am pleased you’ve had a succesfull tour. Once again have a wonderful December / January, although it will be strange without pops this year. Please could you find out for me about a dilligaf t-shirt I’ve order on the 2nd November, as it still has’nt arrived. Your mum did say she’ll contact the office? See you in 2013. X

  6. Great to see you again. Sad that Kev is not touring the UK after this one but Glad you will be. Just tell him to make sure we get the DVD’s over here still!!!

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