woowoo weston

Now THAT’S how you rock the shit out of a Friday night!!

I’ve done so many shows here over the years
Both with Dad, and touring on my own
I’m hoping it will be on the itinerary again for my solo tour next year

I might need a volunteer to come out on stage and take a photo, when I come back
Of me and the crowd, giving the collective ‘bird’
To keep the family traditionΒ alive and well!
But you have to promise to wear sparkly sequin tights, ok?

(If you’re looking for more DILLIGAF CHOIR crowd shots, you can find someΒ here on Dad’s website)


  1. i was at the weston show and it was out of this world. i would love to do some photography for you at ur solo tour. im a semi pro photographer hoping to become pro one day. if n ot we will still be there. cant wait

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