stay classy, cardiff!

I should probably prefix this post by saying, I love Cardiff
I always have
The people, the city, the history, the shopping
I really do love everything about it
Except that the women seem to be a lot prettier here that other places
So that right there would stop me ever moving here
(As Cardiff breathes a sigh of relief)

Our hotel was in the city
With 3 Starbucks within a block
Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant just up the road – where we went for dinner on our night off
And again today for lunch, because oh-my-fucking-God, the SALMON!

Then to top it all off
We had our biggest crowd ever at tonight’s show here 
Rhianna & Elma, with their homemade shirts.

And Martin
Who, three years ago, when we were last here, told me he was an avid reader of the blog
So I posted a pic we had taken that night

And thought fuck it, I’ll post tonight’s pic too!

Then these lovely, cute young girls asked for a pic

Which reminds me, I really need to learn how to make me look skinnier and them look uglier use photoshop

Cardiff….I’ll be back!!


  1. what a fantastic night in cardiff,thanks for posting our pic on your website. we love you loads cant wait for the next tour!!!!!

    1. Hey Guys! Great to meet you, loved the shirts.
      Looking forward to getting back again next year xx
      (will go and correct my spelling mistake…sorry Elma!)

  2. Bloody Marvellous Show Jen. You look much Taller in the Flesh! Weird how your Dad’s hair seemed darker than what I remember though…?

  3. Loved the show last night first time to see you and will be back next year when your back in cardiff and thanks for the new word focus

  4. Hi Jenny I got your DVD in the post yesterday watched it straight away I pissed myself silly your a star thanks for signing it too and sending it from UK wherever you are saved about a monthim painful waiting for me ta verry much see ya soon

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