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Busy writing for my new album right now.
Well, not RIGHT now. Obviously RIGHT now I amΒ procrastinating writing THIS right here that you are reading and ohmygoodnessisitsnacktimeyet?

Anyhoo, I reckon I have one more ‘vacant’ slot for a song. I’m working on a few ideas today, but decided it would be way quicker fun to ask you guys what YOU would like to hear a song about.
I mean, I’m not promising that I would write it, especially if you would to come up with something that sounded really HARD, or complicated, you know? But if there were a lot of suggestions about the same topic, then I reckon that could be a goer.
But can we not make any about Julia Gillard? I have that mole her covered already.
Also, I don’t even have a NAME for this album yet…. so any ideas there?
Some of mine so far:

Abbey Flabby Road
Jenny Talia’s Greatestits
I Kissed a Girl (and forgot to take photos now my husband is pissed)
Porn This Way
The Wind Beneath My Cheeks
Free Balling
Ebony & Freckle-y
Jenny Talia: Internally Yours

So if YOU were me, which you are clearly not because you’re way too fucking tall, what would you call it?
I tell you what, I’ll pick a random comment in the next 24 hours, and I’ll pop a copy of myΒ DVD Who Dares Grins (Live in South Africa)Β in the mail for that dude or dude-ette.
It’s a pleasure working with you.
Well, not ALL of you. And YOU know who you are. Always late, stealing my lunch out of the fridge. Leaving no paper in the photocopier! Peering over my cubicle to look down my top. Making a scene at the office Christmas party.

Yeah, YOU.

UPDATE: Congrats HELEN RAYNER! A DVD is on it’s way to you….funny wench.
“SMEAR WE GO AGAIN”….love it!


  1. Personally, I like The Wind Beneath My Cheeks.

    Could you do a song about Willard “Mittens” Romney or how fucked up the GOP (Greed Over People) is or –well, someone’s already done “You’re So Bain” and “I’d like to buy the world” for the Koch Brothers, but you did so well with No More Bush…

    I’m the fan whose mum was from Bendigo, and who would shit bricks at your dad’s and your lyrics and songs, but I love ’em. I’m in Seatac (yeah, by the airport and named for it) in the US. But I’m a huge fan. And I do mean huge. (Check my pic on FB if you doubt me.)

  2. With risk of sounding repetitive and obnoxious…. You could always call it Can’t Understand Normal Thinking…. πŸ˜›

  3. Whoooooooaa we’re halfway there (till payday)
    Whoooooooaa living on thin air!
    Coz the crooked goverment’s spent all my taxes
    I’d like to chop off their balls with various axes?

  4. My suggestions are:

    Song Title:

    Half Pissed Six.

    Album Name:

    Janney talia’s Non Failiers.
    Talia’s Non Failiers,
    Fuck the Rest, I’m the Best

    If none of these make it i know you will come up with a good one. See you in Plymouth 20th 10 2012 UK

  5. Hey Jenny
    did you hear the news hun ?
    BREAKING NEWS – Korean badminton players Chee-Tin-Fuk and Net-Tu-Hai disqualified from the Olympics. lmao love ya girl keep up the great work and give them pollies more shit love belle & craig

  6. I love smear we go again!!

    Have u ever considered doing a song about feckless fathers (u know the ones who get girls preggers then Fuck off & leave their kids to go get MORE girls preggers)


  7. “The chokey hold strangle wank” ep
    “rim to the brim”
    “Your Mother is nothing but a Cock juggling thunder cunt and other Traditional Aussie Hymns”
    “sennapod and the brown rain”

  8. What about ‘Join the’ you’ll do*’ queue’ about your recent UK immigration experiances. I’m already (in my dreamtime) working on the lyrics and a (parody) melody. Thinking such lines as ‘strewth this Burka’s itchy’ might be in there.

    (* ‘you’ll do’ referring to non EU citizens who want to come to the UK to sponge and whinge.)

  9. Album Name – Girl Play (sisters are doin it for them selves)
    Song About – The batteries in my vibe have gone flat and i have to finish with a hand job

  10. Jenny Talia’s – Wartz-sting ma-tidler
    (Instead of waltzing Matilda).
    And I’m sure you could do a song about that to. X

  11. “Live At The Humpty Doo Hotel”,which means we want you back to record it. I’ll even make sure that “Angry Guy” doesn’t make an appearance.

    or, “Greatest Missus, (thats what I Tell him anyway)”

  12. had to go to a church service last week for my nieces christening, look on the peoples face as i pulled in with camel toe blaring……oops!!!! think i am going to hell

  13. Song titles :-
    Twat’s Up Cock
    Suckin’ Ya Dick, Coz I Got Sumthin’ Stuck In Ma Teeth
    Geriatrics Should Be Shot At Birth

    Album Names:-
    Topical Creams Don’t Taste Like They Used To !!
    Pubes ‘n’ Lubes

  14. How about a song about the government raping is up the arse with no lube. N giving all our hard earned tax payer dollars to the illegals!!!

    Assylum is word to say. Say dat is like winning lottery day!!

  15. How’s about, Oh cum all the faithful, (baggage on its way).
    By the Lying Bastards? X 84 more days before I’ll get to see you live for the first time.
    I’am a JT & KBW virgin!

  16. Or another song about farting, your dad did a song like that I know! Def can’t wait to hear the 50 shades song!

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