hit pic, july 4, twenty twelve

Chicago matched the record for the hottest 4th of July ever, yesterday (102 degrees Fahrenheit = 38.8 degrees Celsius)

It’s been sitting at around that temp for ages now, and the Kalgoorlie girl in me has been loving it. So has the girl that got a great recipe for lemon vodka slushies and a new blender (who is also me)

Yesterday morning Diamond said, do you want to have some people over for fourth of July?

I said, not really. Let’s just veg out and have a quiet one.

And he’s all, well I guess I better not invite any more then

Then I did my little half-eyebrow-what-the-fuck face and said, any more what? 

Any more than the twenty or so people I’ve already invited

So I kicked him in the balls. The end

So I sent Macaroni and Magoo to work in the kitchen (see below) where they made a great desert that was totally yummy if you don’t mind a soggy pretzel crust, and a possible stray Fluffy hair.

While I went to get more vodka¬†’cause I’m not good at sharing



  1. Aww bless the little ones and thats the aussie coming out mate…i wont share my JD with anyone, they can have the left overs.

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