family holiday activity #324

The girls are just over three weeks into their summer school holidays
Nine weeks to go!
I know a lot of parents hate school holidays – but (so far) I love ’em
We all wrote a list of some of the things we wanted to do over the summer
And we”re ticking them off one by one
Family bike ride, baseball game, movies, water park, downtown, museum
Diamond’s list is all outdoorsy, exercise-y activities
Macaroni’s usually involve a museum, library or swimming
Magoo’s list is all about puppies, the zoo or dancing
Mine’s pretty simple. If I don’t have to leave the house or wear pants – I’m happy
The kids aren’t interested in me teaching them guitar, or how to make knock-you-on-your-arse margaritas
So I found something way more educational and morally awesome

I taught them how to be a pool shark and lose their pocket money gambling.


  1. That’s it Jenny, teach the girls the rudiments of life.
    Then Diamond, can teach them how to walk, or better still run from their debtors!
    Have a nice summer with them all, I’ll be seeing you in 119 days time!

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