fuck it up friday #19

I tried this one out on the Humpty crowd on Sunday night
A mad and rowdy mob, that included a horse and a wallaby

(If you’ve ever been to Humpty Doo, the presence of livestock at a Sunday session will come as absolutely no surprise)

Anyhoo, considering the Adele fans were probably pretty few and far between
It was a quite unexpected that they loved the shit out of this new FUCK IT UP FRIDAY

Which is all the encouragement I need

For those of you wondering why this ended up looking like it was shot on a 3 year old girl’s Little Mermaid handy cam, through a fly screen….

I seriously have no idea

This one goes out to all the peeps that have a little snigger to themselves, whenever they hear of an ex’s lovelife turning to shit (hello Heiny!)



  1. Absolutely love this and you are right on the “AWESOME” part! I saw this yesterday and watched it I don’t know how many times! Keep up the fantastic work mate! Xx

  2. oh jenny apart from this song and the bastard song you have my thoughts down pat….well done girly you are definitely your fathers daughter.

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