in my ears, january 5

I know I said that there would be some variety to these ‘in my ears’ posts

And they wouldn’t ALL be Australian

And yeah, so far, they’ve ALL been Australian (Camille & Stuie – Beccy Cole – Tamara Stewart – Mark Wilkinson)

But in my defense, us Aussies are a talented bunch of fuckers

AND 80% of the peeps that read this website AREN’T Australian

Sooooo, I’m really just sharing some great music and artists that you may not get to otherwise see

I know, you’re welcome

Plus I’m the boss of this shit, K?

This weeks’ awesomeness comes from Chris E. Thomas

Chris is one of the best singers to ever come from down under (Tasmania)

She’s worked with everyone who’s anyone in the business – and now has an album of her own on it’s way (Jan 25th)

If the first single, WORKIN’ is a indicator, jamming out to the the whole album is definitely in my future



  1. By Geeeesh. Totally blown away to see this… Thank you Ma’am… Now, I’ve always been a fan of the various “I love my JennyTalia” (as any girl should) stickers around all the Aussie venues we play (and even tried to scrape one off for my case with the guitarists old razor and some soap but alas, NO GO)… Hec! JT… You just scored yaself a freebie… Thanks a million! Chris E..xx

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