can I get that gift wrapped?

After six shows in a row

We’re ready for our day off today

I’m thinking of heading to the biggest shopping centre I can find

And get a start on my Christmas shopping

Believe it or not, I’m normally DONE with my Chrissy shopping by this time of year

But I have saved Diamond some time

‘Cause I already know what I want for Christmas

I met him yesterday

He’s my cousin’s beautiful 8 month old baby boy

His big sister is Dad’s newest best friend too

Which is no surprise considering he paid her in ice-cream

So all I need to do is find a shop that sells ones just like this

That don’t come with a sore vajay-jay, stretch marks or sleepless nights

But be warned

If I find a shop like that

I’m probably going to walk out with a matching set


  1. He’s GORGEOUS!!! Yep – I still get clucky – THANK GOD for removing all hope or I could eventually find my way into the Guiness Book of World Records…Old, fat & crippled Mum pushing multiples…I’ll wait for the grandkids…

  2. Hey, Jen, even after my 3 kids presented me with 13 grandies, and the eldest went on to present me with 4 gr8-grandies, I still get clucky – but know I can give them back when it comes to bum changes and titty feeds lol. Love them all but.

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