(part 1) things I learned in sydney

* I wasn’t real flash at the blogging on the Sydney tour. And now I’m out on my solo W.A. tour. These are just random flashbacks as they come to me. And no doubt 98% bullshit.


Anyone that’s ever been out on the road

Knows the importance of gaffa tape

It fixes everything

And we’d be lucky to get through a show without a roll

I found some fabbo patterned stuff a few weeks ago

And had to buy it

In all sorts of fun styles

When I showed it to the boys, they laughed

I believe Dad’s words were, “…gaffa should be black. Only black. That stuff you brought over looks poofy. I bet only chick singers buy it…”

Oh really?

Then how come there’s none left, when I barely used it?

I happened to catch Daz strapping Dad’s microphone & instrument pack onto him

Before last night’s show

Boys lie.

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