fight like a man

How about you get some of those arseholes who think they’re heros

Those “thugs” going through Britain in gangs

Burning buildings

Trashing businesses

And ruining lives

Just for the sake of it

How about you ship the little fuckers off to Afghanistan

Show them what their fellow countrymen are sacrificing

For the country some bastards are so intent on destroying

Show them what a real man is


  1. So much for the do-gooders telling us kids shouldn’t be chastised, a few years in jail for murderers is a worse punishment than being hanged etc, etc… It’s okay to preach as long it doesn’t happen to them, then they want instant and severe action. A load of ignorant, bloody fuckwits!
    Well said , Jenny.

  2. Well said. Ungrateful bastards. Running around covering their faces so they can not be seen. A good kick in the arse and a few years in jail. Go and destroy all their possessions and see if they like it.

  3. FRONT LINE with the UK and our TROOPS in back of them ? so if they don’t get hit with the incoming for sure they will get hit with the out going…ONE SHOT ONE KILL ONE AT A TIME THERE’S NO RUSH..RA..

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