for a good cause

If you’ve ever been to one of our shows

You’d know we always come out after to sign cds etc and say g’day

Except for that one time on the last UK tour when Dad was so sick he barely made it offstage to spew in the bucket that Hollywood was standing side-of-stage holding so I’m pretty sure no one would have lined up to shake his hand that night ‘coz how grody would that be for fuck’s sake?

If you’ve seen Dad signing after the show

You’d also know that he loves signing boobs




Oh yes he does

But he never signs boys

I’m the lucky girl who gets to do that as you can see by my full, and getting fuller, WANKER WALL

Yay me.


The other night in Campbelltown – after an EXTRA long signing after the show

There was Matt, waiting very patiently at the end

He had made a bet with his mate, for a lot of money

That Dad would sign his skin

Knowing full well that Dad doesn’t, ever, sign blokes’ skin

But Dad surprised us all and DID agree to sign Matt’s boobs

On the condition that Matt & his mate donate the money from their bet, to the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Dad will do just about anything for his favourite cause

And Matt will do just about anything to have his boobs signed

Everyone wins!


  1. haha what’s the going rate? Thinking a signed butt cheek just to be different and happy to give to a good cause … and get on the Wanka Wall .. just bought tickets to one of your QLD shows so let me know if you are game … no nudity of course, i’m bashful

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