sloshing through sydney

I remember last time we were in Sydney

I didn’t stop bragging about the fabulous weather

And saying how, even though it was winter

The weather was so fab

I was expecting more of the same this time

Yeah…umm..that hasn’t been the case so far

We’ve stepped into a Sydney winter

That so far, has had the highest rainfall in in years

Sydney has experienced its wettest July since 1950 as parts of NSW are declared natural disaster zones

But we’re all good

Except my hair

I’m having a bad hair week

Normal people have bad hair days when the weather’s hot and humid

I used to laugh about that

So karma is being handed to me on a big ol’ ‘fuck you’ platter

In the form of frizzy, yellow, hooker hair

Go, me!


The sun’s expected to show it’s face again by Sunday

So for now, we’re enjoying it

We tried walking around in it today

But it was pretty torrential out there

Umbrellas were proven useless after about 5 minutes

And we all got saturated

Dad picked today to take the girls for a walk to the beach

Because….well…that’s what he DOES

The girls loved it though

Poppy time is always the best they reckon

Rain, hail, shine

Or flash flood



  1. Wow, crazy, didn’t even know it was like that up there. ‘Spose I should see if my folks are alright or if they’ve floated away. Hear ya about the hair.

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