daddy’s day

I hope that when my girls grow up

Should they choose to get married

They look no further than their own Dad

Wait, that came out TOTALLY wrong, didn’t it?

I mean, look to their Dad as an EXAMPLE

Of what makes a good man

What makes a brilliant husband

And the icing on the cake – what makes the best Daddy I have ever seen

They don’t know any different right now

And I’m sure they think all Daddies are just like theirs

One day, they’ll realise that that Daddies come in all different shapes and sizes

And that theirs, is pretty fucking exceptional

Fatherhood has changed Diamond in so many ways from the man I met more than 12 years ago

Motherhood scared the shit out of me

And it took me more than a little while to find my feet

No such problem with Diamond

From the day Macaroni came into our lives, his world was rocked

So was mine

But that was more to do with a baby in I.C.U, stitches-arama on my vajaj-jay etc etc…

And me being terrified

Diamond, from the get-go, was a pro

In the way he held her, tended to her

And the way he loved her….oh how he loved her

Then along comes Magoo, and he went into overdrive

Triple the love…his heart just about burst

Me being away so much is not easy him, I know that

But he puts 110% into making sure our girls don’t skip a beat when I’m gone

While I’m on tour – their days are one non-stop playdate, adventure, jam packed, fun filled good time

He doesn’t resent the time I’m away

He’d be the first to tell you that he’s a lucky man – getting to have the time he does with his girls

And they in turn, adore their Daddy

No one makes them laugh like he does

No one can fix whatever Magoo has is broken like he can

No one makes better popcorn

No one builds a better treehouse

No one pushes them on the swings as high

No one makes up a better bedtime story

No one can serve up a better batch of pancakes

No one can make a boo-boo better as quickly

From baseball to Barbies, no one is a better buddy to hang out with


So maybe one day, when my girls find a partner

They might not stack up to the man their Daddy is

Shit, they might not ever leave home

Which, I’m pretty sure is all part of Diamond’s master plan

But one day, they will know just how lucky they really are

They couldn’t be more loved or treasured

That’s a feeling I hope shapes who they become

That they carry with them for the rest of their lives


So this is me, in a very fucking long convoluted way, wishing all the Fathers out there, in the UK & USA

A Happy Father’s Day

And I guess all the other places where it isn’t Father’s Day yet, like Australia

But most of all to my children’s Daddy, Diamond

We are very lucky girls






  1. Happy Father’s Day Diamond – am assuming you get two cracks at this special day (one Aussie in Sept and one American now). Now I can clearly see that you deserve two days of celebration – with your wife fandangling her way round the globe’n’all…

    But I really do want to know decided guys get two Father’s Days when there is just ONE Mother’s Day? If you haven’t done one already… *frantically checks JT collection* …there is a song in that … doncha think, Jen?

  2. Jenny that is the most beautiful compliment for Diamond. It had me all teary. I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating Father’s Day.

  3. Left me teary too Charmstar!

    The Daddy of this house is on a fishing trip to France at the moment, so we had Fathers day early.

    Jenny, if you ever come back to the UK (and I can honestly say, I don’t blame you if you decide never to try again after the crap you have taken from immigration), revenge will be mine for making that lump in my throat and the water welling up in my eyes ;o)

    You chose good for you and your girls, and if you choose not to come back here, I wish you well and continued success for the future. (Not sure I think you are quite the appropriate role model for my daughter though ;o), buit shit happens)!

  4. HAPPY DADDY DAY, Diamond! A bit late off the mark getting here (as I do) but no less the sentiment! You’re a GOOD MAN and a REAL MAN! Nothings says it like the love of a Father for his children. I was blessed with a Dad like you and married a man like my dad. I hope your beautiful girls are as Blessed when the time comes for them to find love. FYI: NO ONE ever replaces DAD!

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