mama knows best

One of the best things about touring with Dad

Is the time I get to spend time with Mum out on the road

Although we have different schedules when we’re working

ie; she doesn’t stop – and I’m a world class napper

Every now and then, we get a night off

And tonight, Dad didn’t want to run with the big dogs had meetings & interviews

So Mum & I decided to find a nice restaurant

Of which there were almost too many to choose from

Auckland is quite the  mecca for foodies like us


We found a great little place just up the road from our hotel

We started off all sensible with ourselves

“…let’s get a glass of wine…or maybe a bottle….that’s two glasses each…plenty!”

Which tuned into

“…”let’ have a brandy alexander OR FIVE

Which ended with us having to do the drunk walk / stagger back to our accom.

I laughed so much my tummy hurts

There is no one, and I mean NO ONE, funnier in my entire family

Than my Mum

The fact that she has no clue just how hilarious she is

Makes her even more hilarious-ER

If I have HALF the fun with my girls as my Mum and I have when we’re together

I’m in for a pretty great ride



  1. You go girls, your only here the once so enjoy your days together and have fun! Perhaps you should be doing a treble act, like the three Storges, maybe?

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