this week’s dear jenny

Dear Jenny

I have all of your albums and like to watch your clips on youtube too. I think you’re so funny. My favourite song of yours is Horses Hoof. I like the way you can take such a sensitive subject and just have a laugh with it. I am a 24 year old gay man, and it’s nice to see someone have a sense of humour about things that most people say are politically incorrect. It’s even funnier that there are people that are offended by you. As someone that’s been bullied a lot over the years for being who I am, I think you’re the best. Keep up the entertaining work Jenny. Your friend, Jason                                                                                                    (ps I am coming to see you and your Dad in December at the Burswood!)

Hey Jase

Well aren’t you just lovely? Thank you for the nice letter!

I’m sorry that you’ve been bullied just for being you. It’s not fair and I know that violence is never the answer, but I’d happily provide a swift kick in the gonads to the wankers if you have an address.

I’m glad you can see the funny side of what I do – I’d be kinda out of a job if you didn’t!

‘Cause with all the bullshit going on these days, and the fun police stepping in at every opportunity to tell us what we can and can’t say, it’s nice to just sit back and think, ‘fuck it!’

I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity piss taker and someone who hangs shit on everyone, everything – but mainly myself

Religion – catholic, hindu, muslim, catholic, protestant, athiest, catholic

Race – white, black, brown, orange, yellow, pink

People – tall, short, fat, skinny, ugly, bald, me

Life – motherhood, kids, alcohol, work, travel, alcohol, music, marriage, alcohol

It’s never my intention to be mean or nasty about it

Except for that one fucktard last year in Cannock, on the UK tour. I might have been a little bit mean to him. But in fairness, he was a complete (grumpy) knob jockey and had obviously woken up on the wrong side of his sister

It’s up to us to find the funny in stuff – and not up to someone else to tell us if we can or can’t laugh at it

It’s all said with my tongue planted very firmly in my cheek

Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke

Make sure you come and say g’day at the Burswood show – I’ll be the one without the beard

Apologies in advance for my Dad



  1. hey jason we have middle fingers for wanker’s who bully ., and always know …a bully always feel less secure in themselves ,so they bully to feel bigger bout themselves !!!, you be u and be happy bout it 2 ~!!!!, and jen FUCK the fun police you keep on keepin on …your a national treasure !!!!! they should have a monument built for you and your dad !!!! not enough ppl like you in the world i frikkin say… your work ,

  2. Hey Jenny … I think in your reply you may have found the answer as to why you didn’t get into the UK. Maybe the ‘knob jockey’ from Cannock in the UK works for immigration! Just a thought …. LOL.

    It’s sad some people need to get a life & when they can’t they’re in your face &/or get a job with the ‘fun police’.

  3. It’s the “Politically Correct” that has intensified bigotry! Humour without malice is a laugh for those with a sense of humour. It’s not a blurred line…taking the piss out of someone and degrading them are 2 different things. Hmmm…guess you’d be “Politically Corrupt”… 🙂

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