winner by t.k.o

OK, I’m back on deck

Kind of

After a few days away with the fam

Actually, it was ONE more than a few days ’cause we were having so much fun we didn’t want to come home

So we stayed one extra

Mainly to keep Diamond & I happy

There were waterslides, roller coasters and PUBS to dooooo!

Once I get my pics sorted, I’ll post some up

For now, here are a few from the arcade at the hotel

Taken on my phone – in the dark

Hence the shittyness

Now I normally can’t stand dingy video game arcades

And never go in them

Kind of how I can’t stand Crocs and swore I’d never get a pair

But there was something about our hotel, with it’s abundance of gift shops, bars, restaurants, Starbucks AND a Croc shop

So I got drunk and couldn’t walk in my heels one nightΒ and caved in – and bought some Crocs

And those things are C-O-M-F-Y

Why has no one told me this before?

OK, maybe they did

And in return I may have called them fashion victim follower fucktards


I put on my stylin’ new Crocadoodles & went into the arcade with the girls

I gotta tell you, that place was the SHIT

Total awesomeness SQUARED!

Who knew?

OK, you did

Just shut up already with the I-told-you-so’s – alrighty?

I could have spent HOURS in that joint

We tried every game at least once

But my favourite was the boxing game

Firstly, because watching Miss 4 try to hold up her arms and punch some 7 foot Russian mongo looking dude in the face, was just fucking funny

And then I thought it would be a great time to show my girls my mad boxing skills

That I never really had, but like to think I did

And for a while there, I was on FIIIIIYAAAAR!

Jab – jab – left hook – duck – weave

Yeah baby

Float like a hippo – sting like a hyperdermic

You shoulda seen me goooooo

But, like all good things – it came to an end

Right about the time I swung with all my shit

With a deadly right hook

Lost my balance

And punched Miss 4 in the face


Beat THAT Dina Lohan

Fear not, my guilt was abated by copious amounts of icecream, build-a-bears & cuddles


If you saw the shiner I gave her, you’d have bought the kid a PONY

And I would have too

But the gift shop were all out


  1. I think “Accidental Child Abuse” will get you off with a few more reminders…and a few more ice creams, build-a-bears & cuddles

  2. LMAO!!!!!!!

    I’ve tried that boxing game before, I couldn’t lift my arms the next day so good on your girls for having a shot, those gloves are HEAVY!

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