happy 4th

Greetings Y’ALL!!

Translation: G’Day Mates!

We’re doing our usual thing here for the 4th July

The local parade

Which the girls love, love, LOVE going to

And not just because they throw candy to the kids along the parade path

Yeah right

Then there’s the fireworks

Since I got home on Wednesday night

We’ve been to 2 parties

Had people over for dinner / BBQ on the other 2 nights

And we’re doing it all again today

The odds of me being in rehab dead by tomorrow are looking pretty good

Luckily my best friend is here to help me

Did I say it’s good to be home?


  1. Very tricky how you get to celebrate TWO lots of national pride celebrations Jen. Think that might be adding to the rehab issue? Heh. Have a blast!!

  2. You timed your Tour well…2 National Holidays, 2 excuses to raise a glass to Patriotism (not that you need one to raise a Yellow Tail) and 2 Countries to be proud to call “Home”. Cheers!

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