happy 4th

It’s gearing up for the 4th July celebrations here in the U.S

We went to a party at a friend’s place last night

Because we always celebrate the 4th on the 2nd

Doesn’t everyone?

OK – don’t answer that


There were fireworks going on just down the road from their house

So we took a walk to check it out

More specifically, the rest of the family walked

While Miss 3 got towed in a wagon

‘Cause she’s a lazy cow like her mother

‘Cause that’s how she rolls


There was a parade going on too

It was the girls first time seeing a parade

Because they’re usually locked up in the basement

Excited was an understatement

They must have bounced up and down for over an hour

Non stop

They also poked about 7 eyes out by waving their flags around like crazy 

They were other kid’s eyes so I wasn’t overly concerned


And as I type this, they’re both still fast asleep

So that bouncing thing is the shit I reckon

I can’t wait ’til we get to celebrate Australia Day with them in January

Both the girls are half Aussie

They were both actually made conceived in Australia and born in Chicago

And cooked in England

So I need to make sure they get to celebrate our big Aussie holiday too

By bouncing to their heart’s content in the southern hemisphere 


So that’s 2 nights a year I won’t need to spike their hotdogs with valium

Any suggestions for the other 363?


  1. Phenergan is far less dangerous and lasts twice as long. That’s why I was “MOTHER OF THE YEAR”…I know shit!

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