complaints department

How long ago was Mother’s Day?

Like, 10 days ago or something wasn’t it?

Well Miss 4 will NOT shut up about it

She’s all,

Why do you get a day?

And Daddy get’s a day

And Jesus gets a day

Jesus gets a day?

Why don’t KIDS get a day?

It’s totally NOT fair Mummy

I then I can’t believe I sound just like my mother say,

It’s kids days EVERY DAY dude

You get toys sometimes when it’s not your birthday OR Christmas JUST BECAUSE

Someone makes all your meals for you EVERY DAY

Someone some days still has to used to even wipe your BUM

And you have a Princess bedroom that hurts my eyes with it/s pink/yellow/purple/baby blue walls

And she’s all like,

Well I still don’t think it’s fair

So I resorted to

Well you’ll just have to write a letter then

I say this, because she can’t write yet and I’m a bitch

Well I will then!

Who do I send it to?

Shit, didn’t think of that

This dude. You send it to this dude

I show her a picture, and her face gets all screwed up

Why do I send it to him? Who is he?

‘Cause this is the bitch one that has a Mother’s Day AND a Father’s Day


Oh my gosh, really?

That is SOOOO selfish

Where’s a pen?



  1. You CAN have both a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day, but you don’t want it. It’s too much work, sister.

    I shouldn’t say this here, because it will make us both seem less cool, but I’m glad we’re friends.

  2. I ALWAYS asked my mom when Kid’s Day was! Because I would’ve totally eaten ice cream for dinner and stayed up all night.
    (Kinda like my first night of college. Before the drinking and sexing began… on the second night… which is NOT the kid’s day… wow it’s late for me to be leaving comments)

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